CryptoLogic Software for Online Casinos

The underlying platform for online gaming and the online casino industry is the gaming software which enables players to engage in real-time gaming through the venue of the internet. Since the advent of online gaming in the mid-1990s, developers have flocked to the industry, working to outdo one another with the exciting experiences and user-friendly aspects of ever-improving gaming platforms. One of the leaders in the industry is Cryptologic, a company founded by a pair of brothers in 1995, initially targeting the niche of securing online financial transactions, which of course is a critical element to the success of online casinos that need to be able to guarantee the security of their clients' funds. The company has since expanded its operations to include the development of gaming software, enabling casinos to add poker, blackjack, and online bingo.

CryptoLogic Software's Certifications, Awards, and Quality Control

In its short history, CryptoLogic Software has risen to a reputation of high esteem in the online gaming world. Unlike some software companies which have been flagged for dishonest software (operating with non-random number generators or other strategies which enable a rogue casino to cheat its players), CryptoLogic maintains a spotless history of integrity, has been awarded its certification for gaming software from Alderney, and has market shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ. The Gambling Online Magazine has also awarded annual "Top Casino Software" awards to CryptoLogic for several years, making them the Silver winner for two years, and Gold winner for a third.

CryptoLogic casinos have enjoyed awards which demonstrate their ongoing upstanding operations, and the extent to which gamers enjoy their experience with CryptoLogic gaming software. Intercasino, a CryptoLogic establishment, enjoyed holding its spot for three consecutive years at the top of GamblingOnline Magazine's list of the best online casinos. Another CryptoLogic establishment, VIP casino has established a reputation for consistent high cash payouts over the course of more than a decade. The amount of payouts are independently confirmed by Price Waterhouse Cooper auditing, so its clientele can rest assured of the upstanding nature of the business dealings. CryptoLogic touts its transparency as a guarantee of its honesty and integrity; in a venue where less scrupulous establishments use the anonymity of the internet to cheat unsuspecting gamers, CryptoLogic and its casinos take pride in their consistent quality and record of reliability.

As the groundbreaker in the world of online gaming, the original casino, CryptoLogic's InterCasino, fittingly is the inaugural inductee of the Gambling Online Magazine's Hall of Fame.

As one of the pioneers of the online gaming industry, CryptoLogic has not only established its own high-quality reputation as a trustworthy provider of online gaming experiences, but also advocates for the reputation of the online gaming industry as a whole. Existing and established online casinos recognize the danger to themselves caused by dishonest or "rogue" casinos which tarnish the public's perception of online casinos as a whole. With this philosophy in mind, CryptoLogic has only ventured into affiliations with other firms and establishments which are also impeccably above-board in their online dealings with clients and affiliates.

The software developed by CryptoLogic includes control features which help protect both casinos and players. Quality and safety controls include limits on bet losses and deposits, integrated alarm clock, account locks that can be engaged on either a temporary or a permanent basis, security verification of both players and cards, and established procedures and protocols for customer support. All of the games developed and offered by CryptoLogic comply with the rules and regulations of the Nevada Gaming Commission. The best casino with Cryptologic software is the well established Intercasino.

CryptoLogic CashBack Clubs

One of the incentives offered to gamers at CryptoLogic casinos is the Cashback Clubs, in which players accumulate points for every wager (in amounts proportionate to the dollar amount of that wager) and are able to convert those gaming points into cash to be used at the gaming tables. Unlike some of the fripperies offered as incentives by traditional brick and mortar casinos, CryptoLogic's Cashback benefits are directly useful to the gamer that wishes to benefit at the gaming tables from the bonuses and perks for play. In addition to the points-for-play, the online casinos affiliated with CryptoLogic reward their regular players with monthly bonuses simply for continuing to play. Initial bonuses may be offered when a new player creates an account and makes a first deposit; the casino's bonus money can be put into play with wagering and gaming as the new player gets comfortable in the online casino environment. Among the CryptoLogic affiliate casinos; VIP Casino is an example of an establishment paying out in the hundreds of thousands to its high-rolling gamers.

CryptoLogic Games

CryptoLogic Software has continued to refine and improve its online games, while adding additional games to the repertoire of its casinos. It has been developments by CryptoLogic that have redefined the entire gaming experience online with the introduction of industry-altering additions like multi-player games, the addition of live chat to gaming venues, browser windows customized to the user, and even three-dimensional game environments.

CryptoLogic games are designed to mimic the traditional casino environment, with views of the gaming table, visible stacks of chips in front of the players representing their current balances at that table, and available "avatars" which allow players to select their own appearances and game-names as they sit at an online gaming table. Playing a CryptoLogic game, the player also has the advantage of being able to view statistics, such as current leaders in a tournament, their own current standings in the games they're playing, the last winning hand (including cards that were played and visible, and their own cards in that hand), and statistics about individual hands and games. For a gamer that enjoys analyzing the strategy and statistics of a game, the online venue offers informational perks that are missing in a traditional casino environment. The games also allow for some automated elements of play, allowing a player at a poker table, for example, to set an option to keep betting up to a certain amount in a hand, choosing in advance of their turn to fold or check, sitting out the next hand, and betting different amounts (including the "amount of the pot") with a quick click of the mouse.

CryptoLogic offers more than one hundred online games in online format for internet based casinos, including the following popular entertainments:

• Baccarat
• Blackjack
• Progressive Blackjack
• Pontoon (another version of Blackjack)
• Casino War
• Caribbean Stud Poker
• Texas Hold 'em Bonus
• Three Card Poker
• Triple Action Hold 'em
• Over Poker,
• Pai Gow Poker
• Video Poker (and Video Poker Bonus, in which discarded cards go back into the deck)
• Craps
• Red Dog
Gin Rummy
• Roulette (in American variations, and European variations with different minimum bets)
• Scratch card games
• Sic Bo
• Pokies or slots
• Solitaire (Klondike version with either "draw one" or "draw two" variations)

Alongside the "standard" versions of games, CryptoLogic offers some progressive games as well. The idea behind a Progressive game is that multiple players' wagers contribute to a communal pot which quickly builds into a large sized pot which any of the players can score with their gaming. Progressive jackpots, which can be applied to slot gaming, poker games, blackjack, or other games, draw gamers with the lure of a big pot, and add excitement and possibilities to the already existing enjoyment of the game itself. More info about online casinos - here.

The CryptoLogic slots games have been added to and improved regularly since their original debut, keeping the games fresh and interesting, and adding features as gaming technology develops. A current favorite are the progressive slot games based on Marvel comic characters (Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and X-Men), which is drawing gamers in droves for its fun themed play and its huge payouts, driven by the progressive features of the jackpot prizes. Additional favorites in the arena of progressive slot machine games include the Millionaire's club, Bejeweled (a game which gained universal popularity in its Facebook incarnation), Coral Cash, Rags to Riches, Monkey Mania Video Slots, Thor Video Slots, and Elektra Video Slots.

CryptoLogic Cash Transactions

Thanks to its beginning as financial transaction security software, CryptoLogic can boast a high-quality money management system, which keeps gamers' finances secure and enables them to move their money with ease and protection. ECash Direct, CryptoLogic's proprietary money management system, offers a wide array of options with regard to deposit and withdrawal, which is a benefit enjoyed by gamers who find other casinos' withdrawal limitations to be a source of frustration. As an additional security measure to protect players' money, CryptoLogic sends each player a Personal Identification Number through postal mail, and no withdrawal can be made from the account without the PIN number provided by the casino.

In a remarkable and significant contrast to the payout percentages of traditional brick and mortar casinos, CryptoLogic averages payout ratios of more than 98%, a confirmed statistic sustained over years of play and business. It's a cold fact backed up with cold cash that players win more at a CryptoLogic online casino than playing at a traditional physical gaming table in an old-style casino. The casino and money management software used by CryptoLogic is designed to support play and interactions in several different languages (not only English, but also Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Italian) as well as financial transactions in many currencies. Along with its reputation for security, CryptoLogic casinos are noted for the speed of their payouts to players. In an industry where the biggest "red flag" may be the indefinite delay of payments and payouts made by the sketchier versions of online establishments. In contrast to the "rogues," CryptoLogic casinos keep the confidence and trust of their clientele by offering speedy payouts in United States dollars, British pounds, or Euros. Their software supports deposits and withdrawals by credit card, e-checks, or bank transfers, as well as by software options like Neteller and Firepay.

CryptoLogic Affiliated Casinos

One of the clever designs established early on by CryptoLogic is the idea of an entire "virtual casino," complete with a gaming lobby and a "floor" layout of different available games. As technology has allowed the addition of three-dimensional environments and high quality graphic design, a gamer can enjoy the entertainment value of the casino environment as well as the games themselves. The virtual casino is easy to navigate, games easy to select and start, and the entire experience flows in a natural and user-friendly manner. Top-rated CryptoLogic casinos include Casino Titan, Club World Casino, Cherry Red Casino, WinPalace Casino, Bodog Casino, Euro City Casino, Littlewoods Casino, Casino Joy and many others—including, of course, the big names of Intercasino, VIP Casino, Omni Casino, and CS Casino.

Perhaps one of the most important things for a new player to note, when making an assessment of which online casinos they might like to play in, is the established history and track record of integrity which CryptoLogic values in its own dealings and in its affiliates. With such a track record behind it, the CryptoLogic affiliation is a virtual guarantee that an online casino is a trustworthy place to deposit gaming funds.

CryptoLogic Casinos and United States Players

In October of 2006, the United States Congress enacted the Unlawful Gaming Act, which prohibited the processing of financial transactions for some types of internet gaming. Although several exemptions were listed (state lotteries and horse racing, for example), the types of gaming driving CryptoLogic casinos fell into the prohibited category, and CryptoLogic casinos immediately stopped accepting wagers from United States players in its casinos. Although the law didn't outlaw online gambling outright, and doesn't criminalize the behavior of any of the players of online games, the law does prohibit the depositing and processing of funds received from online gambling, making the casinos and companies (rather than the players) liable for any perceived illegalities. The move by CryptoLogic to stop accepting United States wagers was a calculated move to protect itself from any legal ramifications or fallout from the new legislation.

the new legislation. Some of CryptoLogic's competitors didn't make the same choice—perhaps most notably the poker sites, Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars—and although these companies initially reaped the benefit of standing nearly alone in the online poker field after CryptoLogic's voluntary removal from the United States online poker arena, those same companies experienced some backlash several years later with a more recent round of legislative action. In April of 2011, the United States Department of Justice shut down the services of four online poker giants, froze the companies' assets (including millions of dollars in player accounts) and filed charges against the owning companies for fraud and money laundering. This ultimate consequence shows just how upstanding and prudent CryptoLogic had been in its own response, taking the road of the best moral choice rather than jumping at a temporary chance to make money. It's yet another example in a long history of reasons why players and partners trust the CryptoLogic Company, its money handling, its game designs, its casinos, and its ethics.

A Distinguished Record

All in all, CryptoLogic has proven itself repeatedly to be a company worth trusting, and the provider of gaming experiences universally enjoyed around the world. Having won awards not only for its game designs and innovative technology, but also for its meticulous care of customers, security of its online funds and money management, and irreproachable corporate ethics, CryptoLogic enjoys an enviable worldwide market share even after its voluntary pull-out from the venue of American online gaming. That voluntary removal, in itself, emphasized the high standards to which the company holds itself, eschewing even the chance for increased profits in favor of making what it perceived to be the most ethical choice. And in the long run, those ethics have paid off with explosive dividends. CryptoLogic is arguably the most used and most trusted online gaming software on the world market, and even without the participation of the United States players, its profits and growth are admirable. While the greedier competitors jumped into the void left by CryptoLogic's withdrawal, those companies ultimately paid for their greed and lost not only their own assets, but the gaming funds (and trust) of its players—a disaster from which these companies will not likely recover. By contrast, CryptoLogic has continued to develop and release new and exciting gaming technology, maintaining the loyalty and interest of their existing and growing fan base.

Looking forward to the future, CryptoLogic advocates for regulation of gaming, acting on the principle that transparency ensures reliability. It's for this same reason that the company publishes its own monthly audits, to reassure investors and players that every transaction is aboveboard. If such regulations were applied to all online gaming establishments, markets like the United States might once again open up to reputable online casinos—in which case, CryptoLogic will be perfectly positioned to take the leadership position it has always held.