Your "Wallet" for Online Casinos

In a gaming environment where you don't have the physical chips and tokens of a brick-and-mortar casino, the online casinos have provided new alternatives for you to keep your money secure and put it to use on your favorite games. You actually have a wide range of options for handling your money at an online casino, and you can choose the method that works best for your gaming purposes and your finances.

You're always welcome to use an existing credit card in your online gaming, but some of the other available options provide additional security and services which you may enjoy as well. An option like MyCitadel Wallet allows you to transfer funds immediately from any source (credit card, bank account, and so forth) into the MyCitadel Wallet, which maintains your balance and transaction information for you, and keeps your credit card information secure rather than using it directly at the casinos. Similar services include EcoCard, EntroPay Virtual Card, and Ukash—all of which allow you to transfer funds from your bank account or existing credit cards, maintain real-time balance information, provide customer support and additional firewall security, and keep your primary financial information (bank account and credit card numbers) secure from being distributed at the casinos themselves.

Additional options like Click2Pay make your gaming simple and streamlined, with your funds available with just a simple click (while remaining entirely secure). As with many of the payment options, Click2Pay offers options of payments in different currencies, allowing you to play in casinos not only with the U.S. Dollar, but also Euros and other currencies. Signing up is a simple process of just a few steps, and once your Click2Pay account is established, you can use it quickly and easily without having any concerns about the security of your funds, or any time-lag in accessing them. Once you've established your Click2Pay account, all you need to use is a username and password to instantly access all of your funds without hassle or delay.

Another popular tool is Neteller, which also features a simple sign-up process and a very streamlined process of transferring secure funds once the account has been established. In addition to the online transactions, Neteller users can request a physical ATM card, which allows them to access their funds at banks, use it as a check card for purchases in person, and of course to access funds for visits to the "traditional" casinos, as well as smooth-and-easy use at the online establishments. With Neteller, you can establish individual accounts at different casinos, and manage all of those accounts from the central tool of the Neteller dashboard. You can withdraw funds from any casino account, or add funds to any account as you anticipate a game; you can check your various accounts in real-time and get accurate and up-to-date snapshots of where all your money is. With friendly round-the-clock customer support, and foolproof firewalls and security measures, Neteller is one of the most popular methods of handling funds among online gamers. A limited number of casinos also accept PayPal. One such casino is Eurogrand Casino.